July 3, 2011

Number Three Five

I feel like each birthday I have I become more aware and appreciative of what's important in my life. And this birthday, number three five, was no exception. G had arranged and planned everything ahead of time; scheduled a massage appointment for me, watched the kids while I got a pedicure, baked a two layer funfetti birthday cake and made homemade Heath bar coffee ice cream. AND threw a surprise party with all of our good friends, most of who I have formed a special bond with over the trials and tribulations of motherhood. I got a phone call from my dearest friend in Brooklyn, my family, lots of Facebook messages, and old-fashioned cards in the mail. It was a beautiful day and at the end of it when everyone had gone home and G and I were washing up in the kitchen I really felt how much I was loved and that is the best present ever. (That and maybe the birthday I spent with G in Paris..... ;)

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